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    Question How to remove gp1200r pump housing, HELP!!!

    Hi guys,

    I have to remove my pump housing to replace my prop and i have been following the steps set by cajundude Now i am trying to pry the housing away from the transom plate and it will only come out like 2-3mm then retract back in like a spring, anyone have any suggestions as i feel i am going to break either the housing or my bar trying to apply more pressure.

    Cheers in advance

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    are you removing the whole pump or just the short part? If you're trying to unbolt it from the transom (which is unnecessary), there's a tiny 6mm bolt with a 10mm head tucked away on the left side. I would recommend just removing the large 10mm bolts (14mm head) and then it should just pry apart. If you have a "spring retraction" that means there's a bolt left.

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