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    Question How to remove gp1200r prop housing, HELP!!

    Hi guys,

    I have to remove my pump housing to replace my prop and i have been following the steps set by cajundude Now i am trying to pry the housing away from the transom plate and it will only come out like 2-3mm then retract back in like a spring, anyone have any suggestions as i feel i am going to break either the housing or my bar trying to apply more pressure.

    Cheers in advance

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    Your driveshaft is stuck in the midshaft.

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    how do i rectify that?? i cannot afford to take it to someone

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    I had the same problem. There is a small 10mm screw on the left side of the boat if your looking at it from the back. It is in the middle of your pump between the two larger bolts you removed.
    It has to be removed. Cajun dude did not include that and when looking at his pictures the screw is in place. Remove the screw and it will pull right out.

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    Thanks for the reply but i have removed that bolt also, it must be rusted in place which is a shame coz i cant afford to take it anywhere and or replace parts if i was to have to cut anything... oh well

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    Maybe give the engine a bump, and try again? I've had that problem with the shaft going in, that usually does the trick.

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    Yup, ask a friend to help out, twist and turn, pull at the same time, don`t start hammering , you can bust your bearing or coupler.
    Good luck!

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