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    Angry Wot issue assistance needed.

    When I go WIDE OPEN THROTTLE the ski stalls to an idle. If I ease into the trottle I can reach 43 MPH at approx 5800 to 6000 RPM If I accelerate and further the ski stalls to an idle. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Helps if you tell us what ski you're asking about.....

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    His profile says MSX 110 and SLT 780

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    Based on your previous posts... sounds like this is a continued problem with your MSX 110.

    Did you ever check your wastegate solenoid is functioning properly? This sounds like a boost issue... overboosting... and the ECU is going into overboost protection mode.


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    solenoid is working properly. Also I have the MSX 110.

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    Does the waste gate actuator arm that goes into the exhaust manifold move freely? You should be able to move it with your hands just fine.

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