Hello everyone,

I am new to Greenhulk and this is my first posting. I recently purchased two ski's, one of them a 1996 SP, but it looks like the previous owner beached it and rocks went through the impeller and did considerable damage. I have spent the past three weeks researching what could be wrong and how to fix it, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed pull the jet pump assembly and install a new impeller and wear ring, so I ordered an impeller removal tool and got the impeller off this week. When I exposed at the fins that are connected to the pump housing, they are damages as well and one even has a chunk missing from it. Now I guess I need a new housing as well. In my quest to find a repalcement, I realized that there are not a lot of these available for 96 SP.

My question is, what other year and models jet pump assembly will cross referrence and work with my ski?

I found one off of a 1995 XP, but it looked a little different in the pictures so I was hesitant to buy it. I can find anything online that tells what ski's use the same housing. Thanks in advance!