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    2000 yamaha gp760 gauge cluster problems

    Just bought the ski last week, brought it home and it fired right up. When to try and start it again later that day and it was like I had no power anywhere. I took it to a mechanic and they told me the gauge cluster needed replaced before it would run. Is there anyway to bypass the cluster to get it to run? I don't have a few hundred laying around to buy one, and I hate to let it just sit in my garage.

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    I can get it running by plugging 2 sets of connectors up backwards that are running from the cluster to the fuse box. When I plug them up backwards as soon as I hook the battery up it starts cranking and will fire up. But my kill switch does not work and the only way to shut it down is to unplug the spark plug caps. Anyone of of a different way to do this where my kill switch still works?

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    A Yamaha manual should have the schematic in the back. Disconnect the connections for the fuel sender, speedo and oil sender. The other wires should be power wires going in then out. Should be able to bypass by cutting and splicing in. Make sure you cut on the gauge side (already messed up). I might be able to get a schematic if you can't.

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    You might have an electerical issue somewhere else,i know quite a few people with older gp's with clusters that don't work that are out on the lake every weekend

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    you plug the in and outs on the gauges into themselves, plug the start/stop plug into the starter plug. ill get the wire colors in a bit.

    check the wires going into the ebox, mine were corroded and broken, a quick rewire and everything works

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    here, drew this up real quick for ya. Connect the red line together and the blue line together, gauges bypassed.

    It'll look like it wont fit, but they do
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