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    Newb question w2 or tw3

    Hey guys i got a question about two stroke oil should i use the recommended w2 yamalube oil w2 for my gp1300 or can i also use tw3 from walmart let me know if there any differences or should i just stick to w2

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    2w is basically the yamaha name for the oil .tcw3 is the certification grade of the oil,which yamalube exceeds tcw3 standards.basically there's two kinds of oils ,tcw2 and tcw3.tcw 3 pretty much superceded or replaced tcw2 meaning if yous ski says to use tcw2 you can use tcw3 but if your ski says to use tcw3 I wouldn't advise to use tcw2.I don't know what chemically is the diff between them,but it prob has something to do with the tcw3 burning cleaner and not polluting the water.since u got a newer ski it prob calls for just gotta read the bottle carefullycause some of the oil they have there that says its for pwc doesn't recommend it in tcw3 applications.I only use the yamalube in mine cause it is one of the best out there and your engine was designed around using can basically use the oil at Walmart,just make sure it has the seal on the bottle that says tcw3 approved

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    Yamalube 2W is API TC, Jaso not TCW3. Yamalube 2W and 2S are manufactured by Citgo. I know yamalube gets a bad rap around here, but in the rec riding world and even mildly modded it is not a bad oil for the money... Are there better oils, sure, different topic.
    Stay away from TCW3 oils unless your craft calls for it...
    OP> there are many many oil related threads here describing the differences and which brands, sit down and read, then you`ll be educated in which oil is best for your ski!

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