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    Just picked up 2 STX skis- Newbie/problems questions? Bat warning

    Sorry to start an intro with questions but I could use some guidance. I'm pretty good with a wrench, like to learn, and I'm a long time boater and car guy. I am completely new to jetski's and apologize if I ask things that seem simple or obvious.

    Just picked an 04 STX12-F and an 04 STX 15-F. Both with 128 hours each. Both winterized last year and not used since. I was able to hear them run and they look very well maintained but I was not able to test them in the water. Previous owner seemed clueless about mechanics.

    When I got them home, I decided to start both while flushing just to see them run for more than a few seconds. Both fired right up but I noticed a few issues as follows:

    1) both gas gauges read close to full when the tanks are really close to empty. Sending unit? (common problem)?
    2) The 12f has a side pee port that I don't recall peeing while flushing. The 15F did pee while flushing but it was on the outside (the 12f's port was between the skis and I may have just missed it?) Do these things have pumps/impellers that I should check?
    3) The 15F is giving me a constant battery warning. It's a brand new dealer installed gel battery and the voltage measured 13.1. Any ideas on troubleshooting?
    4) Neither machine has a bilge pump... am I a pansy for wanting to add pumps to both?

    thanks in advance

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    After spending a day working on the machines, I have some new info. Any input would be helpful.

    1) I found info on the sending unit failures- I've decided to try and build a better sending unit instead of spending $480 ($240 ea) on short lived replacements.
    2) Pee ports on both machines are working fine... I just didn't notice the trickle between the machines during flushing the first time.
    3) It seems the my 15F display maybe the problem on the bat warning. I noticed condensation inside the screen and the tach sweep isn't working either. I'll be doing some surgury to try and save that pricey piece.
    4) Still leaning toward adding bilge pumps. Has anyone done it?

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    welcome to the hulk...

    tank senders are a common faulting bit..haven't been inside a kaw unit but you may just have a stuck/sunk float. not difficult to deal with ( expect for getting the senders out of the tank) New ones are brutal priced ( on all skis!)

    the pissers on the 12f/15f sometimes won't flow while on a flush..unless the water pressure is pretty high. Stick a ziptie up there and twist to see of perhaps a mud wasp was busy in there

    check the plugs for the console. it's a very pricey bit but you can sometimes find some used ones. Kaws are known to flash batt, even when there is a fresh batter in there. If the console sees low voltage even for a second ( while cranking the engine) that display will flash, but should go off once the battery voltage reaches 13..again, you may have a connection issue at the console. You'll want to check the actual voltage while the engine is running

    bilge pumps are a common add on as the stock ones depend on the engine running for them to work. If I rode ocean, I'd certainly have one.

    you'll find lots of good stuff here..use the search feature ) figuring out the correct phrase is often the toughest part here

    one thing..a pwc is opposite of an outboard when it comes to water...engine on..then water on..water off then engine off..exactly opposite of what you may have been doing on other boats..don't fall into that trap as running water with the engine off will fill the crankcases with water..and that just ain't polite.

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    Thanks Pete-

    I've read many of your posts already. Not as much on line about these skis as i would have thought. thanks for the great tips. I did flush per your instructions (found them here). Right now, my only concern is the display since it's not just the battery warning... it's not showing RPM and has condensation in the glass.

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    You might be able to find another one here in the classified. Otherwise, I'd try eBay. An OEM replacement would be very expensive.

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    yeah- i'm hoping I can fix mine.

    I also hope to contibute to the group. I'm an engineer in and my company does electro-mechanical assemblies. I'm hoping I can come up with a more reliable (and cheaper) fuel sending unit.

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