does anyone have it on their ski and find it... um... bad?

I'm trying to tow a 250 pound rider on a wake board, the ramp feature is good but...

here's the catch...
on the first ramp , it lacks acceleration and the rider ends up falling
on the second ramp, its better, but still a bit sluggish
on the 3rd ramp, the wakeboarder gets out of the water easily, BUT, the "destination speed" or whatever they call it is too high, he wants to cruise around at 18-20MPH but the 3rd ramp ends up being at higher speeds...

i like the feature of just pushing the throttle all the way in, and having it do the acceleration for me, as its difficult to not press the gas too much or too little..
i know most can tow the skier without the ski mode, but i like the peace of mind that i wont end up pulling them too fast.

anyone else think (who uses it) that every ramp should have completely adjustable speed on each ramp?

what do you guys think i can/should do? the rider is afraid to go any faster, and the wake itself becomes worse with the higher speed