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    Polaris orginal ignition issue with Ground for stator

    I have read all of the very infromative threads on the troubleshooting of the ignition system. I am getting a reading of 5.4 ohms on the ground wire that comes from the stator (front of engine). I am at the point from what I read that I need to pull the engine. Am I not taking the reading correctly? I disconnected all of the connections to the CDI prior to taking the readings. The coil readings are all very close, only the black wire which should be "0" ohms is off. Please advise! Thanks

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    This is a red domestic engine with original ignition?

    You disconnected battery positive and separated each black wire from the battery negative port, then measured from electrical box black stator wire to engine case - correct?

    And from electrical box to battery end of heavy black cable?

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