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    Electrical; battery, rectafier, stator how do you test for low voltage

    My 2007 RXT has been displaying p0562 and low voltage, along with beeping (no set order of beeps) and a battery idiot light.
    Put in AMG battery last Aug 2011. New rectafier June 2012. Still p0562,
    Starter relay went July 4th, Put in new. Battery went to 7.4 volts, Had load test, battery good. Still p0562.
    Dealer charged me $515. for relay install and stator test. 21/2 LABOR. --- NICE.
    They wanted $900. for stator install.
    I took ski back and want to check stator on my own.
    Can anyone tell me how to do this. Please.
    Just want to hang with my son on the lake this coming weekend

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    Check fuses?

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    The "had load test, battery good" is suspicious. You probably have some voltage drop issues due to bad cables or connections. You need to do some old fashioned voltage drop tests, as well as inspecting all wire connections, especially the main battery leads.

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    Stator tests:

    1. Check resistance between all 3 yellow stator wires, unplug stator and check 1-2, 1-3, 2-3
    ohm readings should be between .1 - 1.0

    2. With the engine running, stator unplugged test the 3 wires in the same three sequences mentioned above.
    Set your meter for AC voltage, you should see 24 VAC on all three readings.

    3. Set your meter to ohms, and attach the ground lead to a solid engine ground.
    Check all three yellow wires for resistance to ground, there should be no resistance to ground.

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    Ok, Checked fuses, all good
    checked grounding looks all good,
    checked resistance on all 3 (1-2, 1-3, 2-3). Got .2 to .4 on them
    ran engine checked AC voltage. Got 24 to 26 VAC. on all 3.
    set to ohms no resistance to ground on all 3.
    Battery at 12.2 volts at start. Ran at 3200 rpm got 12.5 volts. At idle back to 12.2 volts.
    No code coming up for now. Maybe bad info by dealer.
    Any other ideas.

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    ok went for ride and got 4 sec. beep after rev up and back to idle?
    Any help with this code.

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