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    Need help on gti130 asap

    Here's the skinny...

    I have a 2008 gti 130, we where riding towing a tube and sucked the rope up and tangled it around the shaft and little bit went through the wear ring area and could be seen through the exiting side(where the water shoots out).

    In the process of removing the rope in the water we turned it on its side to acess the rope a little easier, it took on water even with valve cover. All water was removed and then towed it with a boat to trailer it and further remove rope.

    Once the rope and water was removed we pulled the plugs and found water on the #3 cylinder . With plugs removed tried turning engine over to clear water from cylinder

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    Continued ...

    The engine won't turn over. The battery has been on charge all night and seat was left off with fan blowing on electronics.. all help is greatly appreciated! !!!!!!

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