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    700 wave venture exhaust overheat issue

    I'm a total non wrench guy so go easy please.

    Sucked up sand and blew a exhaust hoes.

    1. Can I back flush the exhaust some how ? i.e. using the overflow line (off parts diag number 47?) doubt it stat easy right, or do i have to strip it down and clean it that way.

    2. I was going to make the repair using a metal flex hose (can't get part for weeks in canada) and reason not too ?

    3. Can i run water from the back intake hose instead of using a flush kit (i don't have one), i.e. add a hose adapter and run water that way for dry land testing ?

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    Usually you'll have to take the exhaust apart to clean out the debris. You can make a TEMPORARY metal flex exhaust hose as long as you're sure you cleaned the exhaust out well and water is flowing where it needs to be. the rubber exhaust hose is kinda like a fuse that blows when there is something wrong(ie no cooling water flow). a metal flex hose won't burn through but if it gets hot, you are in a little bit of a dangerous situation.

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    Cool, thanks for that, i still have the big u shaped exhaust hose so its still "fuse like" however its after the water box, the connectors with the metal exhaust will still be rubber. nay help on the other questions ?

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