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    2010 Drive shaft spline issue...

    As they say on the radio, "first time, long time".

    I have a 2010 RXP-X, totally bone stock. 2 days ago I experienced the same thing I've read about here, that many 2010 RXT-X owners have....but with my RXP-X. I'm curious if the drive shaft spline issue is unique to the RXT, or is it more related to the 2010 production year in general? I haven't yet heard from the dealer if the splines are indeed stripped, as they haven't yet looked into it. But just listening to what happened as it failed, I felt in my gut that the splines stripped, and I immediately killed the motor....but I'd never heard of that happening until I searched the Greenhulk forums. This is my 5th Sea-Doo, and have never heard of this. Once I saw all the descriptions of it here, I'm almost dead certain thats what happened. I'll know for sure next week.

    After reading here for quite some time, it appears BRP has reassigned 2011 part numbers for 2010 boats. I'm glad to have found that info, as I will be confirming that with the dealer.

    Anyone heard of the splines stripping on an RXP-X?

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    I stripped mine too. I understand it to be a 2010 problem. It's a different design shaft all together. BTW: They will not cover it if they know of an aftermarket prop on there. So if you're 100% OEM, you should be good.

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    The part numbers reassigned are only on RXT's. RXP's still show a seperate number for 2019, 10, and 11.

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    Yep, all OEM parts, stem to stern.

    Wow, that kinda sucks. I was hoping the part numbers for the RXPs would have been changed too....then I would at least have something to identify for the cause of the problem. I've got 67hrs on it, and think thats premature failure for any model year. I don't thrash on it or abuse it at all. This makes me a little uneasy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djblack View Post
    I've got 67hrs on it, and think thats premature failure for any model year.
    It is! Having a drive line assembly that can strip out on you at any time under 100 hrs is bullshit. It should have been a recall.
    Still waiting for my time bomb to go off. I made it to 85 hrs.

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    So I got it back from the shop, and everything is working fine now. It was indeed stripped splines.

    According to the work ticket printout, they replaced the "driveshaft, impeller and wear ring with updated components". It also shows the part numbers of each piece used. I'll take a look at that when I can, and see if those are 2011 parts. By the way it was written, the parts have also been changed for the RXPs.

    The service writer didn't know for sure, and the guy who did the wrenching wasn't who knows.

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