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    2003 Genisis 1200 Engine

    Hey guys.

    Had trouble with ski was running fine and then all of a sudden it happened. Just stopped would start but lots of vibrating and noises. So put it on the trailer and got home notice when starting on trailer that engine compartment filling with exhaust. so went ahead and pulled engine. Center piston connecting rod broke thur the lower case and looking thur the exhaust port the piston is missing a side also. The top of the piston is all in tack and feels and looks fine. So looks like a short block is in order. I would like some feedback on if anyone knows a good source for short blocks or any other options and maybe a reason for the damage or if it is common. Just a fyi the ski had about 70 hours on it. I know this site has the best polaris guys around and with the best leads.

    Thanks in advance

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