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    2000 GTX low rpm bog - just did fuel lines and carb screens

    Original owner of a 2000 GTX and did not have it out this season until now as I wanted to wait until replacing the fuel lines and cleaning the carb screens. Last season it would bog when going full throttle at most speeds (unless pretty close to max rpms). Today was the first time out since changing the fuel lines and cleaning carb screens. At first it was running fairly bad (bogging mainly, but also what I call partial bogging where it would drop rpms a little but not as bad as a full bog - kind of felt like fuel supply was constricted) but after a few minutes was running better then after 5 min or so was mainly bog free except for one scenario: starting from a dead stop. If it is at idle and I open the throttle all the way it will bog. If I slowly open the throttle until over 2000-2200 rpms and then go full throttle no problems. Any thoughts? I am still on the tank of gas from last season with stabil in it, which may be a cause but I am not thinking it is since I would think it would have other issues than just this specific scenario.

    As for the maintenance before this ride, I replaced all the fuel lines and cleaned the carb screens. I did my best not to alter any settings on the carbs but I could not get them out of the hull so something may have been bumped (I did not want to remove throttle cable to risk affecting the oil injection settings and was not able to lift them out without disconnecting it). The fuel selector switch was very clean, just had to spray a little compressed air to clean it. The carbs were really clean but the screens were solid black. Sprayed carb cleaner until they were clean.

    From what I remember the last season it would not get much over 6700 rpms, today it hit 6720 a few times. I did not clean the rave valves yet and heard that may limit the upper rpms. It still ran pretty strong except for the bog when starting from idle.

    Thanks for any help


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    Imo you will need to remove cabs and clean them well, removing the low screw and the high , check the accelerating pump if it's squirting fuel. If its clogged you can feel that bog your mentioning. As for the oil injection cable you can unscrew only one side of the nuts and not afect setting, same with the throttle . Try cleaning the fuel selector valve also.

    Low speed screw oem setting 1 1/2 turns

    High speed screw near to close.

    hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the reply. How do I check if the accelerator pump is actually squirting fuel? When I had the carbs out they were already pretty clean but went and cleaned them thoroughly, same with the fuel selector switch. Will take a look at the low/high speed screws. So those are the only causes for a bog below 2000 RPMs? Thanks

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    yeah pretty much below 2000 rpm - adjust your low speed screw

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    Thanks for the reply. From looking at the manual it appears the low speed screws can be changed without removing the complete intake but the wings going into the intake that bolt to the top of the engine do look like they need removed. I have not yet looked for the screws with the intake still on so not sure how accessible they are - any tips or tricks for adjusting the screws correctly with the intake still on?


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    I suggest to remove the carbs so you can work without cutting your self IMO. Most of the times the screws doesn't need to be replaced. Just removed so you can clean throug ,then reinstall and adjust.

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