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    99 GS No Beep, No Start, have tried several suggested things. No 5A fuse blown

    I have been surfing this forum for a long time for DIY projects and repairs on various skis. I have finally hit an issue that has gotten the best of me so I'm reaching out to see what I might be missing.

    I have a 99 GS that doesn't run.

    It was in the lake and stopped suddenly and would not start or beep etc. (beeper is a sometimes thing anyway). Looked at the fuses on the MPEM and the 5A was blown. Test further and am told that the Stator is toast. Ordered a new one from it came in, and I disassembled the front box, removed and replaced the stator. Reassembled everything and get nothing when plugging in the DESS key.

    I have looked at the gauge (just a fuel gauge on this one with oil light), and nothing happens when the start button is pressed 5 times with the key off. Nothing happens when the key is plugged in as well.

    I have tested the MPEM by swapping it into my 02 GTI LE. It fires up just fine. I swapped the GTI LE MPEM into the GS, and absolutely nothing happens when the start button is pressed.

    I have tested the Battery and it is sitting with a full charge. I have checked the fuse in the rear electrical box and it is not blown. there is a little corrosion around the bolts where the coil attaches to the rear electrical box.

    I have checked all the wires going into the plug on both sides of the rear electrical box and there is no corrosion or other issue there.

    I have taken a screwdriver and jumped across the starter solenoid. The engine turns over then.

    I have checked the wires coming out of the stator a couple different times and they match up. ground wire from plug on stator is also correctly attached to the stator cover.

    After all that, really just wondering what it is that I might be missing. it's a bit frustrating to say the least.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do a resistance test on the start/stop button..

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    +1 on the start stop button or bypass it skin off some insulation on the wires and touch them together.... had this problem with my ski and i did that and ski started right fuse blown though... replaced start stop button and she fired right up.

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    the obvious suspect here is the dess post..the magnet/reed switch may have taken along holiday. To test short the wires for the magnet switch ( the colors escape me now..but a little search will find the right pair to jump) with the key on post if your ski wakes up the post is bad and needs replacing. As your mpem checked out ok and you've just replaced the stator..that only leaves a very few things that can keep your engine from cranking. You should get some action on the gauges if the reed switch closes. you can try your biggest magnet on the top of the switch in case the mag in the key is a bit weak, but I would suspect the reed switch was destroyed by whatever had shorted the 5a fuse.

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    the DESS reed switch colors are Black/Yellow and Black

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