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    Magnet loose in Flywheel

    Hi There,

    I am installing the update stator kit for my 96 sl900 and noticed that the magnet in the flywheel has a little play in it. Can shift it back and forth about 1/4" to 1/2" . tried tighten it with the little set screws but was unable. Is this a big concern? Should I look at re- Epoxying it back in place.

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    Are you talking about the small magnet in the inner timing ring, or one of the big magnets around the outer rim?

    The inner timing ring needs to be stable and zero wobble. The engine will be vibrating and spinning that flywheel at over 6000 RPM and the timing ring needs to be 100% consistent.

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    It is the bigger magnet around the outer rim. I am actually going to try and tighten it down. if not will get a new flywheel. Anything loose that is spinning cannot be good.

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