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    GPR vs XLT Carb Jetting ???

    Can someone explain to me why the XLT comes with 87.5 pilot jets & the GPR came with 95 pilot jets ???

    You would think they would be the same given they have the same motors or the XLT would have the bigger pilots.

    I had a bone stock 99 XL in & by mistake installed the 95 pilots & the ski was a pig & wouldnt rev & you could tell it was way rich,so I installed the stock 87.5's & after one ride it has a hole in the rear piston.

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    When I rebuilt my 2 XLL's this winter that had come with 87.5 pilots, I used 92.5 pilots in one and 95 in the other, both run excellent. I did take off the front section of the air cleaner snorkle. I believe the XLL and XLT have a slightly more restrictive exhaust, and that may be the reason.
    Since yours put a hole in the piston after 1 ride with the 87.5, maybe something else is wrong and that is why it wouldn't run right with the 95's.
    I will say after 8 yrs I did the F/A mod, accel delete, and jetting changes on my 04 XLT, and wish I had done it 8 yrs ago. It is night and day different, and it ran good before.

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