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    99 XI Sport wiring diagram please!

    Well I picked up this ski for $400, it apparently was completely submerged, then left there for 2 days. The owner then pulled it out and let it sit in his garage for 2 years.

    I've purchased a new used electrical box, in the process of rebuilding the motor, and have cleaned everything up.

    Problem is, I just installed the new E-box, and was hoping to get the lights to come on, and the starter to turn. If I cross the terminals to the starter, it will turn fine. However, I am not getting anything from the start switch. I have checked the start switch itself for continuity, and it is fine.

    I need to find out which wires I should jump to bypass the lanyard switch and see if that is the culprit. Mind you the engine is still not back in, could I be missing something that would keep the computer from engaging the starter?

    The hull of this ski is in excellent condition, which is why I purchased it. Lucky for me parts have been cheap and I am a mechanic, so the labor is a non-issue. I would just like to know that the electronics work before I get the rest of it back together.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well I don't need the diagram, I found a similar one and noted that the only ground for the ECM is through the stator. Since the engine wasn't in the ski, the ECM wasn't getting a ground.

    I hooked up a jumper from the stator housing to the neg. terminal on the battery, and the starter turned over!

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    This section is for posting tips, not asking questions.

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    Well it just turned into a tip didn't it.

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