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    Lightbulb Aquatrax alternative ecu? f12x 2002 38770-HW1-674

    Hey, i searched a lot and on most schema the aquatrax ecm for my 2002 f12x is the

    ECM 38770-HW1-673 (discontinuated)

    But i just found

    ECM 38770-HW1-674 on

    could it fit? anyone has the 674? ... i cant find the 673 anywhere so it would make my day if it would be ok!

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    That is the correct part/part number

    The 2002 & 2003 models have a different ECM to the later skis and you can tell if its the correct part for the early models by the amount of plugs it has

    2002 & 2003 - 3 plug connectors (2 large with one small in the middle)

    2004 on - 2 plugs

    I`d be willing to bet you won't find one for anywhere near that figure quoted there - I searched EVERYWHERE and could find an early ECM for under $850, those places that are advertising them for the sort of cash quoted in that link won't have any stock

    Have you looked here

    I`m sooo glad a knock sensor sorted mine looking at those figures......

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    damn.... thanks i will change the knock first... i hope i get your chance...

    i found this one that is probably actually in stock.. might get it...

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    thanks ... ill try to clean it! and im changing the sensor asap tomorrow... Wish me luck bro... !!

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    UPDATE: changed knock sensor... still the same... i need an ecu :'( lol

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