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    94slt 750 low compression cause?

    I have a 94slt 750 100psilow compression across only 90hrs on ski? Not enough oil being injected? How much oil compared to a full tank of fuel should it burn? Can anyone shed some light on this for me. Thanks

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    Not sure on how much oil vs full tank of gas as I run premix, but the MFD on my 94 SLT says 8 hours, cause it was reset when I got it and installed it. I don't think you can necessarily go by the hours on the display. The motor is probably just worn from years of use. You might be able to increase compression by honing the cylinders and installing new rings. Just depends on the condition of the cylinder walls, how much they have worn outside of the original spec ID, etc. Worse case would be to bore the jugs and get oversized pistons, but a fresh rebuild will only land you in the 120-130 psi range.....

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