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    Hydro-lock and crankcase

    I have a 96 780sl that is running very poorly, seems like only one cylinder is firing, carbs checked out fine. The crankcase was full of fuel last year but I got that cleaned out by turning it over without the plugs in. It was cranked over several times with the plugs in, it was also flipped and turned back over in the wrong direction.
    Could that pressure cause the crank to twist and be why the rear and middle cylinders seem to be misfiring? If so, do I need a new crank or can the old one be re-aligned?



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    Do an index test to see.

    Several methods have been done and detailed here (do a search), pick whichever makes the most sense to you.

    I use google to search here BTW, so 'greenhulk crank index' should get you lots of threads to look thru.

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    Check your compression too just to be sure you are not chasing the wrong problem....

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