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    04 Seadoo Gti Le Rfi not charging problem

    Hello All,
    Ive recently purchased a seadoo gti le and im having a problem with the battery not charging. im not get the low voltage light. the battery last for a few hours of riding then it dies. i can charge the battery and can ride for a few more hours till the battery dies again.

    Things ive done.

    Replaced battery
    Replaced Stator
    Replaced regulator
    Checked and cleaned all grounds
    Checked all fuses and wire connections. (cleaned and lubed)


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    You have already replaced the whole charging system..

    Do a battery voltage test while running your engine at 3500 rpm - the battery voltage should be around 13.5 volts..

    Do a resistance test on the stator coil - test each yellow wire to engine ground - there shold be no continuty to ground.

    Test any two yellow wires to eachother and you should see resistance of 1 ohm or less

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    Battery volts not running. 12.82v
    Battery volts while running at 3500rpm.... 11.88v

    Checked yellows to ground. no continuity
    Checked yellows to each other. got .7-.9 ohms.

    Tested the amps from the rectifier. all tested within spec.

    im so confused. ive replaced everything and everything is testing to specs.

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    Just a thought but does the flywheel get De-magnetized in some way? i know its a long shot but what else other than a bad wire?

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    Test for AC voltage between any two yellow wires - using the AC volt scale and with the engine running at 3500 rpm - you should read 45-70 volts AC...

    Also test each yellow wire for AC voltage to engine ground running at 3500 rpm - they all should read about the same..

    Yes very very seldom do magneto's go bad - but yes they have been know to..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spider228 View Post

    Tested the amps from the rectifier. all tested within spec.

    im so confused. ive replaced everything and everything is testing to specs.
    are we to assume you were seeing current out of the rectifier?

    if that's the case the battery SHOULD be charging.

    put your voltmeter across the red/black red/ground of the rectifier and report the output at 3500rpm.

    I've had a bad rectifier or two out of the box this year..Both of my failures resulted in overvoltage to the battery @3500 rpm

    rfis draw heavy amounts of much in fact that folks use the rectifier out of a 4-tec when they replace them ( connectors need to be changed)

    plug the old rectifier back in..just for some baseline on this issue.

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    I am having charging problems, but mine will charge every once and awhile. I just swapped another regulator/rectifier in and not charging. I ohmed the yellow to ground and they are all open. All the yellow wires ohm to each other .6-.7 ohms. I get 12.7v on the batt not running, but running i usually only 12.2 or less. Sometimes I restart and get 13.7 Shut off start again 13.7 and again, then next time only 12.2v then stays that way for awhile. I have ohmed harness back to stator, cleaned grounds and fuses, and new battery. I am wondering if I have the grindings from the flywheel getting stuck on the pick up of the stator? What do you guys think? 99 Gsx rfi
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    Is the magneto pickup actually the crank sensor? because I don't see an internal pickup like a carbed 787.

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    we have received a lot of bad after market voltage reg lately

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    just ran it and got the voltage readings of the stator
    yellow to yellow wires all read 27vac @ 3500 rpms
    yellow to ground all read 45vac @ 3500 rpms

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