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    need new bottom hull for Yamaha Wave Venture 1100 triple


    My Wave Venture (1996) broke loose from mooring and the bottom is essentially trashed by rocks. It ran very well and only has a 200 hours on this engine. Could I get a new or used bottom hull for it? How might I go about this?

    Than you for any advice and help or referral on this!


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    I think the top and bottom hull is bonded together so you'll need to find a good used complete hull. they are out there. expect to pay $200ish (maybe more, maybe less) for an empty hull.

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    I have a couple decent raider hulls if you are inerested. They are free and I could travel some as I see you are a fellow Packer fan. I try to get to Green bay once a year for a game and could possibly deliver it if you are not in a big hurry. I hate to throw them away. I don't know for sure but most everything should be interchagable.

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    Local sale near me has one going for 5500. Maybe that will work

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    I got a venture hull you can have as long as you come pick it up! I'm about 45min south of the wis border. That is if you live in cheesehead land.

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