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Thread: Here's my quote

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    Here's my quote

    Here is the best quote I have found. Can anyone tell me if this is a good offer I think the prep is high compared to the other quotes I have gotten.

    2012 yamaha Fx HO $10699
    $ 398 freight
    $400 prep
    $Tax 718
    $Llreg 109
    Inventory property tax $ 21.40
    $12345 OTD

    42. Fire ext

    Trailer 999. Road master.

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    sounds like their bending you over.....

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    yes they are....

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    Help me out what areas should I be negotiating or what price should I be looking for.

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    LOL, you're paying them over $12k for a new ski, plus paying retail for a trailer, and they're still charging you $42 for a fire extinguisher? That's what I'd call a "clue". Tell them to kick rocks, wait till Dec-Feb and find a new hold-over for a fraction of that.

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    Gotcha! That's why I'd figure I'd check with you all before I make any purchase. What price should I'd try to get it down to to be considered a good price. Also what is the typical mark up on the trailers?

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    $10699 for a FX HO?
    dude you can get a zero hour 2009-2011 leftover supercharged FZR/S for less than that here in FL; what state are you in?

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    Based on the deal that I made in 2011 for a '10 SHO model it looks like you are only about $1K too high. What you should really do is take your quote and share it with other dealers in the area to see what they can do better. You can even shop outside of your area. If you don't feel comfortable sharing the actual numbers give them the rest of the specifics. "I'm looking to buy a silver 2012 FX SHO within the next 2 weeks. What can you do for me?" He will ask where else have you been looking. "All over but I can't find the ski I want for the price I know that I can get from out of town." What price are you able to get from out of town. "I don't feel comfortable saying but I would rather buy from a local dealer and will even if it is a little higher. What can you do? Do you have one in stock?"

    You get the idea. Good luck. You will love your ski whenever you get it.

    BTW ...the 2013's are out in just a couple more months. Others would know better but I think in Oct/Nov timeframe. There could be significant changes...who knows (I'm betting they drop the HO). But when they come out the dealers will do better on the prior year usually.

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    I walked into my dealer and paid 599 for a new galvanized trailer. That was by itself with no ski.

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