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    TOP valve - possible keeping me at 7800 rpm??

    Some of you may be familiar with my RPM drama. Ski stuck at 7800rpm since I dont even remember when minus when I run it in the river vs the lake

    Sooo, I called Bruce - the owner of extreme jetsports down in Louisiana near Jerry...he's the guy that sold me all my speed parts many moons ago and the ski has been bad ass ever since. So for the first time, I gave Bruce the run-down on my ski's drama. He's not certain of one thing or another, but he mentioned the TOP valve may be malfunctioning and keeping me at 7800.

    I wasnt even aware of this TOP valve's existance, but what do some of you RXP gurus think about this? He said to bypass it I could remove the o-rings inside of it and stick it back on....something like that...


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    the TOPS valve is there to protect the engine if the ski turns over (prevents oil from coming out the head). I remember something about it can fail and limit to like 7K RPM, but can't seem to find it. Everything I found points to thrown codes, rough running and cutting out or going into limp mode.

    In searching.........magical 7800 RPM limit seems to be pretty common...also the knock sensor harness/update seems to be thrown around as a possible explanation, but threads here have a tendancy to never be updated on if the issue is ever fixed.

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