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    1998750 Xi Sport carb issues

    Hello guys. Hoping to pick some brains here. I have a '98 750 Xi that I bought earlier this year & rebuilt the motor myself. Beginners luck, it's been tons of fun. Weve been to the lake several times & always enjoyed it over tge last couple months. Saturday at the lake it wouldn't start. Got it home & tore the carbs apart. There is a brown film all over everything. And it's not like the varnish you get after leaving fuel in a 2 stroke over time, because this thing hasn't sat still more than a week. This appears to have clogged the screens, and is stuck to the throttle valves like paint. It's also down into the reed cage area. Did I get bad gas? I've been using good 2 cycle oil & always 100% gas. Did I get bad gas somewhere?

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    And I installed a block off plate so I premix my fuel.

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    sounds like you may have gotten some gas with too much ethanol in it and it broke some slime loose from the bottom of the fuel tank. A few years ago we had some 20% ethanol fuel delivered up here and it bricked dozens of boats and skis. Ethanol is added to gas at the dispatch terminal and without a doubt mistakes will be made.

    The positive outcome of that mess was that two of the three stations up here now sell fuel with no ethanol in it during the summer.

    So yeah..bad gas is my guess..based on what you've reported. Sniff around a bait and if you hear about other problems..then it's a for sure.

    That's assuming of course you're not using 30 year old metal gas cans that have been sitting outside for ten years.

    The other ( somewhat remote) possiblity is bacteria growing in an old can of premix ( they actually live on the oil in there)

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    thanks so much. I'm almost positive that i got bad gas. Unless it's my homeowner's association president putting sugar in my gas tank...........

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