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    WTB- 2008 stx 15f DASH / METER

    apparently mine has died. i happen to have another 2008 stx 15f im working on and im going to swap the meter to verify that this is the problem.

    i turned the key on yesterday. dash went through its cycle, beeped twice. went to put layard under kill switch and hit starter button and the dash blanked out. did this about 3 times messing with the key and swapping to a new battery. no luck. Dash is now completely blank.

    i really wish this part would be covered under warranty. but i dont have the extended warranty.

    anybody can help me out here??? thanks

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    I wish I could help. My 04 15F has a flaky display and I'm just waiting for it to die completely. I want to cut mine open to see if there's anything obvious (like corrosion) on the PCB but I'm afraid doing so will completely ruin it.

    If you find a display- i'd be interested in buying your bad display (I think it's the same as an '04?) as long as it's reasonably priced just to see how bad it would be to cut it open.

    I was going to post a "WTB - bad display" ad but I don't have enough posts yet.

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