So there was a 2005 rxt on craigslist for $2900 looked OK, guy said it had been sitting up for a year so it would need the gas drained new plugs battery oil change alll that. Went and looked at it armed with a compression tester and battery. Got there and the ski was ROUGH like more red duct tape on the seat than actually seat plus some other stuff. hooked up the battery put the key on and nothing.... wiggled the key around and finally got one long beep, no display, heard the fuel pump kick on (im guessing) hit the start button heard the started click but thats all it did. pulled the dip stick oil looked good and he says the superchanger washer were replaced. I gave up and left... He relisted it today for $2100 and its been almost a week which lets me know I could get it DIRT cheap. My question is what could be wrong? If i go check it out again what should I look for, are there any tricks to bring it back to life? the display not even comming on worries me, not being able to test compression worries me. anyway let me know what you guys think. The batter way good I pulled it off my friends 2008 RXT that started before I pulled it off. Ive rebuilt 3 old polaris 2 strokes so I know a little but nothing about the 4tecs so any help would be great! Thanks Guys!