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    2005 rxp vibrating and making alot of noise and wont go!

    pretty much just like the title says...i was out riding on the river the other day and let off and hit the gas again and the skii just started making a bunch of noise and wouldnt barely go anywhere...i looked and there didnt seem to be anything stuck in the impeller...any ideas? this has happened once before but only lasted a few minutes then went back to normal.

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    What kind of noise? Clanking , screeching as in metal to metal? How long ago did it happen?

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    This just recently happend on sunday! umm the noise is kind of just a loud noise (no clanking or screeching or metal to metal sounds) only when you push the gas...idle it sounds normal...seems to make the whole skii vibrate also...only will go maybe 10mph or so...i rev it up to 5k rpms and its just loud and wont go...kind of hard to descibe

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    You have something stuck in your pump.

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    ahh ha alright ill check that tonight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    You have something stuck in your pump.
    +1 definitely something stuck in your impeller/pump...

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