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    Want 4 Stroke Jet Ski. Ready to buy, up to $6000

    Unfortunately the 06 Wake I was going to buy did not work out. I sold my SEA-DOO GSX and now would like a new ski. I am interested in any 4 stroke jet ski. I don't care how fast it is, but it must be a 3 seater, and have a great ride. It also must be within 150 miles of rockford, IL. Nothing with over 300 hours. The lower the better. I am ready to buy. Let me know if anyone has a ski they would like to sell. And BTW I am interested in all Brands!

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    Craigslist can be your friend......

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    an 06+ FX HO

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    Theres been quite a few 4 strokes on craigslist down here in the quad cities

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    If you are open for any options, why not use that 6 grand as a down payment for a new Kawasaki 15F? For about another 2500 more, you can get a brand new ski with warranty and will be able to keep up with most of the skis on the market. Owned a 15F, put 300 hrs on it, and for the most part, trouble free. 2500 financed over a four year period will be less then the work you have to put into a used ski; even if you know how to do the work yourself.

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    If you dont care about speed then I would look into the yamaha vx series. Their all 3 seaters and could get them used for cheap. They do about 55mph. Try eBay or Craigslist.

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