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    1100 triple in a gp1200r hull..water pisser has low flow

    i know all passages are clear but my problem should lies in one of these...swap 1100 triple to a gpr hull only using one of the 2 little water boxes from the 1100 hull other side is free flow with maybe...... me not using both water boxes its not giving me enough back pressure...2nd could be im using a gpr jet pump for 1100 which should give more flow prob. not that because it ran my 1200r motor both pissers good stream..3rd could be the 1100 motor doesnt need much whats the cons for only running one water box....motor is not running hot exhaust is pretty hot but not so hot you cant touch it...

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    Update ....shorten the water hose from jet pump fix problem tested for a few hours did great...

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