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    1997 seadoo xp wont start

    Buddy just bought a 1997 seadoo xp that has been sitting for a few years. Looks to be in really nice shape and everything turns over freely. When I put the either key on the dess post I get the 2 short beeps but then when I hit the start button all i get is one long beep. I tried cleaning the key and dess post and they dont look to be corroded or dirty at all. Both keys do the same thing that came with it.

    I checked connections best I could. What else am I missing?

    I tried hitting the start button 5 times without the key for the self diagnostic mode but that does not happen either...

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    What is your battery voltage?? Reads like you have a low battery..

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    just put new battery in and now I get the 2 short beeps then 4 quick beeps. gauges now work.

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    ok making progress. There was a fuse blown in the mpem. Now I get the two short beeps but nothing when I hit the start button. The other thing I just noticed and it just started is even after I remove the the key the battery and fuel light stay lit unless I unhook the battery...

    Stumped again.

    Is there anyway to jump the starter to see if its working?

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    not very easy on that model. the solenoid is in the main electric box, which cannot be opened unless he stator is unplugged.

    All of that was a smokescreen...., a mirage, a doppleganger...

    the real reason it's not easy is that you'll be jumping the solenoid RIGHT ON TOP OF THE FUEL TANK.

    Check for the second wire to the negtive terminal..that one grounds the ignition system and could be repossible for the no-crank

    If my feeble memor serves me correctly, there is a small relay in the electric box controlled by the "time out" circuit..which is supposed to kill the power to he console a few seconds after the key is pulled. your dess post switch might be stuck in the on position ( contacts welded)..we're dealing with a similar issue in another thread. What you want to do is a little creative wiring to manipulate the starter solenoid..with the electric box buttoned up. Do not underestimate the danger of screwing around with a starter problem when you have to work right on top of or very near the fuel tank.

    Bottom line..don't be making any sparks in the fuel tank area...jumping the starter might not start the ski anyhow...if it all turns freely..good enough for the emoment

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    I did not see another wire to the negative terminal so that may be the problem. I will have to check to see if I can find anything else.

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    the wire will come from the box on the left side of the battery tray..goes direct to the neg terminal. It's a crappy undersized ring terminal that is always breaking off

    now I _could_ be wrong..lots of changes in the model lines during those you have the dash with the 4 idiot lights on one pod a small electric box portside forward and the plug wires come out of the box next to the battery..which is where the black ground wire originates.

    or is your xp the one with the spring mounted seat and the hood that opens to the front of the ski?

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    It has.the.4 lights in the one pod. Also with the ground wire coming right out of the electrical box next to the battery. I hooked that.ground wire up to the battery and could smell something getting hot in the electrical box so i left it unhooked for now. Im thinking something in that electrical box must be.up.

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    Oh crap..that isn't good.

    typically the only time the magic smoke will come out of the electrical box is when that ground wire gets connected to the + side of the battery. I had one of those last month.

    That crappy ring terminal broke off and the guy that "fixed" it used a piece of RED wire that was long enough to reach the positive terminal. Then a cousin came along with a new battery and dutifully connected that RED wire to the hot side of the battery. PFFFT.

    ignition coil ( it actually burst open from the heat/gas pressure!)
    CDI unit ( ouch!..that was expensive-retail is $800..I found a working used one for this gal)
    rectifier ( while the "charge" lamp was going out when the engine started..the battery still wasn't charging)

    pull the cover off that electric box and check the ignition coil..look for a melted wire..if there is a couple of inches of water in there..that's a problem too.

    This was one of those "never lend out your jetski to relatives" issues.

    so pull the box and let us know what you're seeing I expect the ignition coil is toast.

    You'll want to have a really good look at the rest of the wire harness to assure that there was no "rat action" going on in the hull during storage

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