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    At a loss with '00 XL1200?

    Have two units on same trailor, both skiis ran great until ex temp light came on. boats have 93 and 87 hrs on them. pulled exh and found cat in back of pipe. replaced with d plate and installed 1000 Ohm resistor in place of sensor wires from cat. now boat has no warning light but falls on its face the warmer it gets. playing with the choke will let it run somewhat normal when cold but does nothing when engine is warm. will only spin 4-5k in water under load. power valves are operating when boat is shut off and i pulled the caps to ensure arms were attached still. stk other than thes "mods". reading lots of knowledgeable posts here so im hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. thanks

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    A child of five would understand this. Go get one. pierowman's Avatar
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    Do a compression test and report back.

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