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    Ultra 150 - Modding stock intake grate technique

    I want to compare my R&D grate to a modded stock unit, so I took the angle grinder and cutting wheel to my stock grate this week. After many hours of grinding, I had removed the center part, created a bit of a ramp in the center towards the pump, and thinned out and sharpened the main grate bars.I had rounded the entrance side, and sharpened the back to the sharpness of a butter knife.

    However, after doing the fine sanding, I realized that both bars were not thinned out to the exact same thickness. One side was .22, and the other was around .26. Will this cause me any problems or is it something to worry about? It was only after I had finished fine sanding that I realized...and didnt want to start the grinding again

    Also, I smoothed out the casting imperfections and generally tried to make the pump and grate meet flawlessly. Let me know what you guys think of this method, and if the uneven thickness is anything to be concerned about.

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    I don't think 0.040" is anything to worry about.

    When I modified my stock Intake Grate, I did not thin-out the bars at all.

    I am curious what the stock thickness of the bars is vs. what you are measuring now.

    Just FYI - be advised that any modifications conducted to stock components - such as you have done (and me too) increases the real possibility of a "failure" either in short notice, or as a result of "fatigue" - which may take a longer time to happen.

    Such a failure could effect YOUR safety while you are trying to obtain those 70+ MPH GPS Speeds.

    One of my buddies intake grate broke (Yamaha) or cracked, and he got "pitched" under REAL speed. He tore his bicept and ripped one of his pectoral muscles in his chest.

    I think some of the new 4-Stroke Yamaha's - after being modded for more HP (maybe the FZR - not sure though) have found that the Intake Grate fails and ultimately has caused the rider to be violently "pitched" at speeds creating injury.

    Curious what your results will yield.
    - My best GPS with the Modified Stock Grate was 70.1 MPH
    - My best GPS with that R&D Aquavein Grate that you have now was 70.4 GPS - yet I also did some other changes to my ski which may have contributed to a better speed result than the modified stock grate change alone.

    Good Luck !!!

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