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    Only 25~hours on this wear ring, what caused this?

    I put this in about 25 hours ago, It's a SEADOO wear ring. I put two additional set screws in the housing. I pulled the pump housing today and realized the wear ring was chewed up and was spinning on the housing. Did I not tighten the set screws enough? The housing doesnt seemed to be warped and theres no bearing problems.

    It looks like a dog has chewed it!

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    Obviously something pretty tough got in - rocks? But you would have heard and felt this... you didn't let a friend take your ski out, did you? How's the prop?

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    My brother rides it every once in a while, but i dont think he would have ran anything through it. I did purchase a used jet ski lift that you run the Ski to draw water out and raise it out of the water. There were some sea shells in it but i rinsed all i could find out with the pressure washer, would sea shells be hard enough to do this?

    The impeller looks ok, a few small nicks.

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    yes, seashells would do that - and it was run up to close to the shore..

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