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    Best GP1200 setup?

    Ok, I have been searching the archives but haven't found what I am looking for. I have a 98's been ported, milled head,
    flame arrestors etc. I have the stock ride plate and a 1100 Raider intake grate to help alleviate the off throttle nose dives.
    What have the experts found to be the best ride plate for this far as handling and top speeds? I gps'ed mine a couple of weeks
    ago and was seeing anywhere from 63-64.5 mph on varying water conditions. I know there are a lot of guys on here that have pretty much
    figured out what works best on these old skis!

    Thanks for any help

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    The [email protected] Pro Series ride plate gets the most recommendations around here it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
    The [email protected] Pro Series ride plate gets the most recommendations around here it seems.
    x2. That plate should help. Seems like you have a swell GP.

    Solas XO prop is recommended as an overall performing prop. However, with your engine you may be able to go with a steeper pitch. I believe some guys pulling higher speed with modified engines are running the Solas j prop which is a 14/20 I believe.

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    The r&d plate is about the only plate you can find new anymore,but from what i have read it seems to be best

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    Thanks guys for the help...I will look into the r and d rideplate!

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