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    polaris 1050 sl 97 on two cylinders fire

    So i have a problem with my ski that i can't seem to figure out, im only running of my two front cylinders my last one does not get spark. I know if you get no spark its one of two things stator or the coil, but i know coils rarely go bad. An my ski has spark but only on two cylinders, so can it still be my stator or is it my coil? Any help would be greatly appreciated, oh i have a brand new battery so i know its not that an my stator was replaced a little over two years ago.

    Thanks kyle

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    CDI ignition modules can also fail, not just the stator or ignition coil pack.

    You can swap the Hall Effect sensor wires for the rear two cylinders and also swap the ignition coil primary wires for the rear two cylinders. This will effectively change which 'channel' in the CDI is used for the center cylinder. If the problem moves to a different cylinder with the swap then the CDI is bad. If the problem stays where it was it is then the stator is bad.

    Confirm by swapping the ignition coil primary and spark plug wires for the rear two cylinders. If problem does not move then coil is good.

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