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    No spark??? Polaris SL 750

    Well i finally got my polaris on the water after puting tons of money into it and then about a mile out of our lake house it sstarts to bog then dies we towed it back home then we tried to start it and it idled and as soon as i touched the accelerator it dies i looked under the hood and i saw a spark connector got bumped off probobly from hitting a wave well i put it back on and im assuming it was flooded becasue it wouldnt start so we took it out of the water and got to work we found that the plugs now arnt sparking kinda they spark for a split second after you relese the start botton so be look at wires and eventual we found that if we jiggled the group of wires that go to the stator it would spark perfectly then we jiggle it and it stops working and at this point we dont know what to do tommrow we were gonna remove stator and test it so 1st question can i just remove the stator and test it one the work bench 2nd if you have any idea whats going on or what to do please tell me also fuel pumps good has new electrical box that has been tested layard switch is good the mfd is good the ski only has 13 hours on it i was not expecting any of this lol

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    Welcome to the hulk! The stator is only connected at two points - the stator and the electrical box unless wires were spliced to install the new ebox). I would check for loose connections in the ebox. You can pull the stator wires from the ebox connections and test the stator from there, unless you have an issue with the wires themselves.

    Another good check is to unscrew the plug boots, cut back the wires 1/4" and screw them back on. This will give you good contact from plug wire to plug boot and often times corrects a problem that you a describing. Also make sure you have installed the correct spark plugs per the factory manual.

    This link can give you a ton of information about you ski....

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    I have the right plugs but i went with iriditiums is that a problem

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