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    Virage leaking through drive shaft

    My 2000 virage is leaking water into the hull through the drive shaft. Just put a new shaft & seals in it & it still leaks!!! I just put a rebuilt motor in it but it was leaking b4 I did that. Any ideas?

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    Does the driveshaft have any worn areas where it makes contact with the bearing carrier?
    Did you grease the bearing carrier after you installed it?

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    Where exactly is the water coming in?

    The Virage hull has a separate plastic fitting 'behind' the through-hull rubber section that has a special nut on the pump tunnel end. If this loosens then water will come in around the plastic fitting. On the inside of the hull you can see it is a different color than the hull material.

    There should be zero movement of the plastic fitting. If it is not tight then you need to tighten the plastic nut from inside the pump tunnel. Normal wrenches will not work.

    Don't forget to check the speedometer pitot hose fitting which is right below the drive shaft bearing assembly. If the small clear hose is damaged or the nipple is broken then you will get water coming into the hull.

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    I'll bet the pitot fitting is off...easy to do when screwing with the drive shaft and it's not in plain sight. You'll need a mirror to see it..or you can careful reach under the drive shaft and feel around for it. Don't break's a real pain to replace

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