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    98 SLXH Starter wont run

    I bought a 98 SLXH has been sitting for several years. Hooked up a battery and jumper cables from a hot twelve volt battery.
    Electrical box makes a clicking nois but the starter dosent run.

    The display comes up and I am able to change the functions.

    Opened the electrical box and fuses are OK.

    By the relay clicking is it bad?

    I am going to check to see if there is voltage on the starter side when the switch is pressed,

    If the starter is bad how do you get to it.

    Next question.. If I am able to get it running should I block off the self oiler and use pre mix??

    If I need to do this give me som instructions on what to do.

    Thanks in advance for help.

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    Welcome to the hulk! I am not as familiar with the domestics, but the starter should be on the lower Port side of the motor near the front. More than likely will need to take the exhaust apart to get at it. If you need a replacement, I have good used ones here. PM me if interested.

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    See my signature links for most of the info you need.

    Don't worry about the oil pump. Do the proper maintenance and it will be fine.

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    I am slo looking for a ront and back seat. I have check with several salvage companies. If you have any leads on where to check i would grately appreciate any help.

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    Great site. I coppied the MFD reset thanks for the help

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