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    Battery Warning - Display question?

    I was having some display issues on my "new to me '04 STX 15F". RPM, not working- constant Batt warning, condensation on inside of screen. I went through the trouble of taking the gauge out to test it on my 12F to confirm it was the gauge. Once I got my 15f apart and removed the rear plug on the gauge, I used a hair dryer to clear the condensation and that worked so I plugged it back into the 15F to see it worked better.

    Once I restarted the 15F, the gauge seemed to work! RPM came back- speed came back BUT the battery warning did NOT go away. I tested the voltage and I had 13.06 volts at the gauge harness so I believe that rules out a voltage problem.

    I've read this is a common problem and it seems I can cancel the constant beeping by hitting the mode key. BUT- the warning light continues to flash and the display seems locked on the warning screen- I can't switch through the diplay modes with the warning showing. Is this normal? Will other warnings even show up if I operate the ski with a battery warning?



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    you can try grounding the temp sensor line and see if you get a temp's a coin toss as it's painfully obvious your display has some water issues. Maybe another session at the salon will dry out the rest of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAV View Post
    Sorry to say but it's time for you to get a new meter unless you want to get to the pc board and repair.

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    Good idea on grounding the temp sensor... I'll try that.

    I was hoping to get to the PCB but -

    1) getting that display out of the machine is NOT fun! Seems silly to have to remove as much as you do just to the get the display out. 2 covered screws on the face would have been much smarter in my book.

    2) It's not designed to be serviceable. The case has to be cut open and done in such a way to allow re-assembly, glueing, water/air tight seal.

    I wouldn't care if a new display was reasonable but at $800- it seems like poor design and planning.

    Once I get enough posts- I plan to place an ad in the classified section looking to buy a few dead displays just to cut them open and to see if there's a way to make servicing them reasonable.

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    those dispays are simply "not serviceable" been there done that with a fe seadoo display..I thought I saw one in the classifieds last week I'm waiting to hear if the guy with the 15f I have here with a thrown rod wants to fix it..if not..I'll hold the display for you until you figure out what's up with yours. It likely STILL has some water in it. Leave it on the dashboard of your truck..if it fogs up..still some in there. One sold on ebay recent for $350..that seems to be about the going rate for a used one..seadoo too. Setup an ebay search to ping you when one gets listed. In the meantime..pray for evaporation ( if you have a seal a meal at home, you might fit th display in the cassorel container and pump the air out of it..that will make the water evaporate quicker)

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    there was 2 displays on ebay this morning. 1 is really faded (2004) but it says it works - the other seems newer but lots of disclaimers about "works but- as is- absolutely no refunds etc...." so I don't feel comfortable with that one.

    I bet your right about still having some moisture. I have a vacuum chamber at work... I wish i had thought of that before I re-assmebled the dash! WHat a great idea and then I could throwing a couple of desiccant packs inside through the rear plug and even fill the display cavity with argon BUT- that kind of seems like a waste if i can't clear the battery warning.

    I would bet that there's some deposit/corrosion somewhere on the PCB that brings the voltage down to a level that creates the warning.... but getting at the PCB in a manner that allows resealing the case is the key. I have access to a full machine shop so I know I can figure out a way but I need a dead display to dissect and devise a good cut path.

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    Moisture or fogging up inside the screen is not the real issue on those meters.
    It's the corrosion on the PCB inside and possible permanent damage to one or more of the components on the PCB.

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