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    Parting out 96 SL780 - Complete Ski

    I am completely parting out a SL780 ski. Everything is there and good except for the MAG and PTO pistons starter to melt the rings. The lower half for the engine is great w/131 hours on it. The only thing I haven't tested is the trim motor or Bilge. I don't know why you would want a used bilge pump they are so cheap new. Any how the ski must go. I was going to fix it and sell it but I the cost to fix it right I will have to much in it to make a profit. Make an offer on the parts it is a completely stock machine even have the valid registration if someone wants the hull it was registered in Iowa I live in Chicagoland area. If no offer for parts off to flee bay is goes.

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    I need a steering cable off that man. let me know. thanks

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    I could do like $50 w/USPS Priority shipping for the shipping cable. I haven't stipped the boat yet so I could sned it out on Monday.

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    Thru-hull bearing? the whole assebly

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    Looking for a gas cap cylinder head and piston if available

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    95 SL I sent you a PM. I do have the parts.

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    I'm looking for a cdi box ant coils if you still have them? Or possible just the whole electrical box?

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    This is what I have left of the ski.

    MFD(Perfect w/131 hours on it)
    Crank(Perfect w/131 hours on it)
    Fuel tube assembly
    Gas Tank
    Aftermarket Starter (new)
    Electrical Box w/o CDI (relay and coils included)
    Purple Seat
    Red Hood
    Hull (w/trim motor, ride plate, engine mounts, handle bars)
    Start/stop switch

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    can you send me a pic of the seat and how much for the mfd

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    I bought 3 jugs, 3 heads, exhaust manifold, flywheel, fuel pump, modular pump assembly, prop, reeds/spacers/harware from Howie about a week and a half ago. Parts were 100% as described, he made it clear what was wrong with them and what was nice about them ahead of time and the descriptions were dead on. Prices were reasonable and very fair. He had all of the parts off the ski and waiting to be picked up when I arrived.

    Overall, a pleasent transaction and anyone wanting a part from him should have no doubts about the quality of what to expect.


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