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    04 rxp motor mounts broken

    Hey, I have an 04 rxp and was wondering if it is common for the motor mounts to break. Tested it today and it ran good, brought it in and let my dad take it out and about a mile out it slipped like the shaft was not enganged. Darn thing sunk 3/4 of the way before he was able to get it towed back to the pier. Got all the water out and running again but found that all 3 motor mounts broke. I dont know why other then them being old. Picked up new ones today so hopefully I will be back in action again. When they broke, the engine shifted forward enough to pop the shaft out and take pressure off the graphite ring. What a headache. Its already been a bad weak!


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    Sorry to hear that man, good luck with it... I don't know how common it is though...


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    Got them all replaced today, still need to take off the intake since the plugs seem to keep fouling. Wish there was a drain at the bottom of the air intake but it should not take too long to pull to make sure I get out all the water that is left over.

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    I've seen 3 04-06 seadoos with broken motor mounts this year. I have a pile in the garage. Best bet is to send the old set to Rhaas and have him hook you up with the urethane mounts.
    Cheaper than buying new

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