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    Unhappy polaris 94 750 sl Can different oil make a performance difference ?

    I purchased a pair of 94 750 sl last year . One runs the other is a project pwc.. when I started the one up it ran fine for awhile then I added some oil twc-3. the same type I used in my 750 kaws I had years ago. then the performance drop drastically. It will not ride two people now and top speed is about 35ish . Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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    Welcome to the hulk! I wouldn't simply assume that the type of oil caused an issue. Have you performed a compression check since you noticed the issue? Are you running oil injection or premix?

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    Thanks for the reply.. Yes after I started having the power issue I started checking everything. Compression check all cyl were the same 120. Check and changed all filters. Replaced plugs , siphoned oil back out and replaced it with full synthetic made for two cycle PWC s ( penzoil). Tried different types of gas and cleaners.Still using oil injection system and single tree fuel pump.Should I start changing out all fuel and oil lines??

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    There is a lot of information in the stickies about fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel switch and carb over hauls the 94 750's need. I just got my pump, new line and rebuilt carbs back on tonight. I still need to check my old fuel lines and see if there was a restictor in the return line.

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