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    has anyone used a 1050 ign update on a 1200???? #2873091

    i hear it can be done but have no directions

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    me too..I've all but given up getting the 1200 cdi..and I also read the 1050 ca be used..and that nobody is going to notice the timing curve difference as the ski is certainly on it's last leg parts wise..why don't the Chinese start knocking off Polaris parts. Big money to be made there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADB View Post
    i hear it can be done but have no directions
    There are no directions, it wires up the same. Its the same CDI with different programming.

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    the kit comes with stator and cdi 4010447
    I have a guy who said he can reprogram it
    i was wondering about the wiring
    thank you I am glad its the same
    thank you

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    Thank you for your response
    I have posted many times before and never heard any replies
    I was wondering if i was doing something wrong

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    we haven't confirmed how different the curve is between the 1200 and 1050 but they both hookup exactly the same way.the 1050 has 5 dgrees less timing up to 3000 rpm then i would suspect the curves become very similiar,probably to the point that a recurve isn't necessary as how often is the rpm run for extended periods of time between 2000 to 3000 rpm??.at this point i say run the 1050 cdi and enjoy the ski for as long as it'll still run.

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