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    Beer Batter Spadefish Sandwich!

    It is Thursday art night again and the ladies were hungry so I decided to make sandwiches. Not your everyday run of the mill bread and butter but a tropical Beer Batter Spadefish Sandwich! Here it is;

    Like always you first have to get on your rigged up jet ski, catch or in this case take a friend 15 miles offshore of Virginia Beach to the Chesapeake Light Tower and spear some nice Spades.

    Get all of your fish fillets and goods together, today's grocery list included tomato, onion, fresh Artisan bread, chopped lettuce and carrot salad mix, eggs, breading, beer of choice and mozzarella cheese.

    Get your beer breading together.

    Batter up your fish and onion rings. This is messy.

    Fry up your onion rings and fish.


    Put fish on bread and cover with shredded Mozzarella, put in hot oven for 30 seconds.

    Get the salad mix, a slice of tomato and spread some Horseradish Dijon and cover and serve up your Beer Batter Spadefish Sandwich with bonus onion rings.

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    Your wife is really lucky! My wife wishes I can cook.

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