I was doing some stunts on the water today and I think I broke something. After a long day of fun, came back to the dock and threw it into reverse. Everything worked fine. But when I went to put it back into drive, it stayed in reverse. After my little Austin Powers moment, I realized that my bucket was stuck. Had to manually pull it up from behind to get it going forward again. Once on the trailer, I realized that my steering cable lock broke off at the threads. Half on the nut, half in the threads. Luckily the half washers were still there so I pocketed them.
My question is, is it a straight forward install?? Just disconnect the joint connecting to the bucket and slide the lock in right? Whats the order as well? There was a rubber washer sitting recessed into the rod. Is the lock nut behind that closer to the hull or on the other side closer to the nozzle?