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    erratic RPM Polaris Hurricane

    Hi Everyone!

    I have polaris hurricane that's been having trouble going faster than 30mph. Ill have the throttle wide open and cant get past 30mph. The engine revs then slows down, revs then slows down. both cylinders have spark and fuel however i noticed the mag cylinders does not feel as warm as the pto. I did a compression test and both cylinders read 135psi plus both are receiving fuel. Any thoughts?

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    Have you replaced the spark plugs ?
    You could be sucking air into the fuel line at the fuel switch-try running a hose directly from carb to fuel tank.
    Have you rebuilt the carbs ? And fuel pump-it is located on the rear carb.

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    Sorry im replying back so late. Yes i rebuilt the carbs back in the spring and have put 25 hrs on it since plus i replaced the spark plugs during the same time. I did buy a use ing coil and put it in tonight however it still acts the same way.

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    Fuel lines

    Be sure that you have the fuel line routing correct.

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