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    94 sl650 stator ohm test i need major help!

    Hello everyone ran the ohms test on my stator wires today just as a thread on the forums said to do and got the same readings that iam supposed to get. What iam concerned about is when i did the test for the black wire which is the one that burnt up it read the correct number on the ohm tester but did not beep as it did with the other wires. Does anyone know why this is???

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    The beep is an audible indication that continuity exists. I do not know the threshold of your meter when it switches from infinite (no continuity) to 0 (dead short or full continuity). The readings should be as follows:

    Red/Purp to yellow .6 ohms
    white/yel to black 220 ohms
    blue/red to red/white 90 ohms
    red/white to green/red 490 ohms

    You should get these readings with a 10% allowable deviation. If the red/white to green/red beeped for continuity, I would imagine the white/yel to black should have as well. Either way, if your readings are within 10% of spec, you should be fine. You will need to replace the black wire, even if it reads good as is because the damaged wire may still be continuously intact at some point, but will not be able to carry the same current load as a good portion of it is probably no good.....

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    Did your ohm test involve checking red/white to black? what reading did you get?

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    Red/Purp to yellow 001
    white/yel to black 220 ohms/no beep
    blue/red to red/white 90 ohms
    red/white to green/red 497 ohms/ no beep

    Thats what i got.

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